What do we do at EGEDA US for our members?

Apart from all the general activities mentioned in ACTIVITIES, EGEDA US provides services such as:

Networking and contacts: We connect Spanish producers with American and Latino producers. We established our branch in Los Angeles to provide support to professionals who are interested in being part of an LA based network of support for Spanish, Latino and American producers.

Provide information: We provide information regarding the latest news, events and regulations in the film industry in Spain and in the US.  We obtain, condense, and provide information of what is happening in the US and report the same back to EGEDA in Spain, and likewise, provide such information to organizations such as the MPAA, Compact Collections, Ltd., IFTA, NALIP, etc.

Film industry events: We organize press conferences, screenings, meetings with producers and distributors, etc., according to the specific needs of our members and according to the calendar of events.

Use of the EGEDA US office: members of EGEDA can use the Los Angeles offices (upon request) for their work meetings, screenings or press conferences.

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