Aribsan US was set up in November, 2011. It serves to manage the ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number) code, which allows for universal identification of all audiovisual works.

The ISAN code is a voluntary numeration system for identification of audiovisual works, similar to the ISBN code used in the publishing sector or the ISWC for pieces of music. The ISAN identifies each individual audiovisual work and remains unaltered throughout its commercial lifespan, regardless of language, format, or the use that is made of it.

This code facilitates registration of works and their worldwide exploitation, improving communication between databases and simplifying their management by producers, distributors and the entire audiovisual sector. Furthermore, it contributes to management of intellectual property rights and the fight against piracy.

Aribsan US is a full voting-rights member of ISAN-IA, the international agency responsible for maintenance and administration of the ISAN system.

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