What is EGEDA?

EGEDA is a non-profit association and collection society that provides services to audiovisual producers and the audiovisual industry as a whole. It represents and defends the interests of audiovisual producers worldwide, and is very active in the field of intellectual property rights management, as well as in the fight against piracy; these are the fundamental objectives of our association.

The main service EGEDA provides to its members is the management of certain rights:

  • The right for remuneration for Private Copying
  • The right for Public Communication, retransmission
  • The right for Communication in places open to the public
  • Rights in other countries
  • If your work has been broadcast on TV in any country in the world where these rights are recognized, EGEDA can collect them on your behalf.

    EGEDA only intervenes to manage those rights which the producer is unable to manage on an individual basis.

    Therefore, EGEDA in no way interferes with sales management of A/V works, but rather, provides support services to the producers.

    Besides managing producers rights, our members have access to numerous free of charge services.

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