What advantages does EGEDA Digital offer?

To the user:

  • The possibility of using of a genuine video-on-demand (V-o-D) service provided by streaming at a reasonable price, wherever and whenever the user wishes via filmotech.com.
  • Legal access to audiovisual works and recordings, providing the best quality and security.
  • Variety with regard to the use of both current and historical-interest audiovisual works and productions, which would be difficult to access by other means.
  • Access availability from anywhere in the world to a broad repertoire of A/V works and recordings, thus overcoming geographical barriers and facilitating their use.
  • To the owners of the repertoire:

  • Digitalization of their A/V works and recordings, helping to preserve their audiovisual heritage.
  • Extension of the commercial life of their A/V products, both in terms of time and geographical area.
  • Expansion to new customers and exploitation windows.
  • A rational, standardized offering linked to a large volume of audiovisual production.
  • With the assistance of EGEDA Digital, rights owners have access to new exploitation widows while maintaining control over their works.
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