Management of Producers' Rights

What kind of rights does EGEDA manage?

On behalf of audiovisual producers, EGEDA manages the rights that a producer cannot manage on an individual basis, as they need to be collected collectively – essentially, the right to royalties for private copying and certain types of public performance rights, such as retransmissions and communication in places open to the public.

EGEDA has signed agreements with numerous foreign rights management associations and organizations to guarantee its members effective management of its rights in all countries in which they are recognized. As an American or Latino producer, if your movie has been brodcasted in any of those countries, we will be able to collect those rights on your behalf.

EGEDA also manages the producers’ rights to royalties on copyright (public performance, private copying and rentals), as well as the broadcast of excerpts taken from audiovisual works.

Distribution of Royalties

EGEDA distributes royalties collected according to how the repertoire has been used and pursuant to a system that excludes all arbitrariness. Royalties collected are distributed according to three basic criteria that have been chosen by producers themselves: broadcastings, audience and recording.

All amounts are issued on an itemized basis specifying the rights which pertain to each work and to each act of utilization. EGEDA has made distributions from 1992 to the present day.

Private Copying

We manage these rights in all the countries in Europe and Latin America where private copy royalties are recognized by law. These royalties cannot be collected on an individual basis.

EGEDA commenced its activities with its first income from private copies, which were received in March of 1993. EGEDA has pursued a constant fight against fraud by illegal manufacturers, importers and distributors of equipment subject to private copy royalty which were defrauding not only the producers, artists or authors represented by the collection societies but also the legal competitors who were complying with the regulations in force. In the digital market, although there is a long way still to go, results up to now – in the form of favorable prosecutions and the discovery and pursuit of illegal activities – are very encouraging.

Public Performance

The law of IP rights recognizes the right of audiovisual producers to authorize the public performance of their audiovisual works, as well as to receive a remuneration for it.

On behalf of audiovisual producers, EGEDA collectively manages public performance by cable retransmission and by communication in spaces open to the public, as these royalties cannot be collected on an individual basis.

We manage these rights in all the countries in Europe and Latin America where these rights are recognized by law.

Since 1994, EGEDA has conducted important negotiations with Spain’s main cable broadcasting companies and associations, being able to develop the current consolidated management of cable retransmission rights.

As far as communication in spaces open to the public are concerned, efforts are still ongoing and have been stepped up in order to obtain payment from companies (hotels and other kinds of establishments such as gymnasiums) which are required to pay said rights. EGEDA continues to enter into agreements with these kinds of companies and attempts to promote global agreements.

Management of producers' rights granted to them by Authors

EGEDA has been responsible since 2000 for the management of the royalties belonging to audiovisual producers granted to them by authors, and it has agreements with other collecting societies. The rights managed are all connected to public performance (television broadcasts, retransmissions and exhibitions), rental and private copy.

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