Anti-piracy Activities

In order to intensify the pursuit of piracy and audiovisual fraud, in 1994 EGEDA established an Anti-Piracy Department which has had notable success.

The steps taken have ensured that fraudulent broadcasts of audiovisual works by local television stations and cable networks have declined to practically nil. The anti-piracy activities have also been aimed at "pirate" companies and distributors, and use of protected works places open to the public which exhibited works and audiovisual recordings without the requisite authorizations.

EGEDA has made great efforts to combat piracy conducted with New Technologies, mainly via the Internet. In addition to investigating and encouraging shutting down websites which fraudulently sell audiovisual works, EGEDA has developed new services to fight Internet piracy, such as:

  • Tracking Service of Audiovisual Works on the Internet (SSAI), dedicated to blocking scenes posted on the Internet without authorization of their rights-holders, with the objective of making the corresponding claims for payment
  • Service for Protection of Recently Released Works: a complete system for protection of the audiovisual work in its period of exhibition in movie theaters, which delays the online appearance of fraudulent works at the time of premiere and exhibition in theaters, thus encouraging audience attendance to theaters and the resulting increase in box-office sales.
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