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October 2018

Don't miss!! LOTS OF KIDS, A MONKEY, AND A CASTLE (MUCHOS HIJOS, UN MONO Y UN CASTILLO at Laemmle's Music Hall (OCT 19th to 25th)

Dir. Gustavo Salmerón. Famed Spanish actor Gustavo Salmerón (MENSAKA, ASFALTO) makes his directorial debut with this intimate documentary about his mother, Julita. Through a series of interviews, the film walks us through the woman’s entire life, including her past accomplishments, lost dreams and future hopes, creating a loving portrait that is both universal and deeply personal. The film has become a surprise favorite among Spanish audiences, as well as winner of Best Documentary at the 2018 Goya Awards.

**Discussion after the film with director Gustavo Salmerón -7:30pm”


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