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Madrid, July 2, 2013

Egeda and YouTube help the Spanish creators optimize the Intellectual Property in Internet

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During a ceremony with YouTube, Egeda, the audiovisual producers rights' management entity, has announced the launch of a service to its partners control and intellectual property protection on Internet based on the use of Content ID, YouTube tool for managing the content uploaded to the video platform.

So Egeda will offer film producers and other Spanish audiovisual products the ability to centralize the management of audiovisual content protected by intellectual property rights present at YouTube, blocking or putting a watch on it and allowing the generation income by inserting advertising on these videos, developing, thus, a new line of business on the internet for the movie industry.

Enrique Cerezo, president of Egeda, said that "today's announcement is a necessary first step and an example of how the audiovisual industry and technology have started to cooperate: protecting the works of creators and opening the door to a new business model. We can also say that we are the first rights management entity that performs a similar initiative."

Maria Ferreras, director of strategic alliances at YouTube, adds "that a management entity as Egeda take this step demonstrates the ability of the network to support the cultural industry and content. In the case of YouTube, we work to provide audiovisual content creators a clear and transparent to allow rights holders control of all his work."

Egeda has undertaken in recent months a pilot with Content ID that generated very satisfactory results. The entity monetized about 65% of the videos increased by 87% revenue from advertising insertion identified in the videos. It has therefore decided to launch this service for its members, centralizing the management of intellectual property in Spanish audiovisual works of any owner who wants it, on YouTube.

In parallel, in order to promote, digitize and commercially exploit the catalog of films in Spanish, has launched Egeda VeoClips (, a YouTube channel in which find, free, trailers, sequences, best scenes, selection of actors and other information about the film premiere in Spain and Spanish cinema.

Content ID
Content ID tool allows Egeda, on behalf of the holders of intellectual property rights, manage their content on YouTube. Most of the owners of the rights that you choose to monetize uses claimed videos, to the point that today, Content ID is more than one third of reproductions of YouTube susceptible of advertising.

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