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July 2013

M.I.S. (Made In Spain) PELÍCULAS

The first Spanish movie channel in the Americas is born

A 24 hour schedule that consists of the leading Spanish films of all time will begin airing in Puerto Rico and then extend to the rest of Latin America and the U.S.

Madrid, 9 de julio 2013
M.I.S. (Made In Spain) PELÍCULAS is one of Spain's most ambitious film projects. After more than two years in the making, it's finally come true. For the first time in history, a 100% Spanish Films channel is released in America. Videomercury Films, the production company with the largest number of Spanish films in its catalog, including the most recognized and awarded, makes an entrance into the very competitive American television market presenting a great added value against the competition: the only channel designed completely with Spanish films.

M.I.S. PELÍCULAS broadcasts films 24 hours a day film with a programming grid formed by the most important Spanish films of all time. From "La calle sin sol" directed by Rafael Gil to " Los girasoles ciegos " by José Luis Cuerda. Stories told in all genres, and with the eternal Spanish stamp. Comedy, drama, fiction, action, adventure, western, suspense, horror are already on parade, Monday to Sunday, uninterrupted, on the new channel made in Spain for America.

Puerto Rico, starting point
Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico, a subsidiary of Liberty Global Inc., is Puerto Rico's largest cable TV company. It has been operating on the island since 1999 and provides video services, Internet and digital phone to 45 municipalities in the north, center and east of the island. Liberty will be the first cable operator to carry M.I.S. PELÍCULAS in its offer.

The launching in Puerto Rico will be the key to open the window of opportunity to M.I.S. PELÍCULAS, both in the U.S. Hispanic market as well as in the entire Latin American continent.
Spanish is the most common language among non-native English speakers in the USA. Communicating with the Latino market in Spanish is not a courtesy but a requirement. There are over 55 million Spanish speakers in the USA. With Latinos representing 16% of the US population, they profoundly influence everything from the recent presidential election to major trends in business strategy. No company wishing to grow in the US market can ignore the Spanish speaking population

A tool for the promotion of Spanish culture, as well as a tool for Spanish films to gain penetration in the American audiovisual Market.

International blockbusters by Almodovar or Juan Antonio Bayona, stars such as Oscar winners Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz and the amount of awards that our cinema has garnered at festivals in Latin American countries have awakened the interest on Spanish cinema among American audiences and have made it grow year after year. From now on, daily, you will be able to discover the great titles that are part of the history of our cinema.

According to Maria Jose Revaldería, head of the channel, "M.I.S. PELÍCULAS is an international showcase of Spanish culture. A new media channel 100% Spanish which joins, for the first time and in an organic manner, the current offering of cable channels in this continent. It's great news that the Spanish language can count on a promotional tool of this size which reinforces the growth that Spanish is experiencing in recent years in a powerhouse like the United States."

Some of the titles we can watch this month
M.I.S. PELÍCULAS has already made public its schedule for the first month of its American journey. Among the films selected for its first few days it announces nationally and internationally renowned titles such as "El camino de los Ingleses" (Antonio Banderas), "Amanece que no es poco" (José Luis Cuerda), "Usted puede ser un asesino" (José María Forqué), "La caza" (Carlos Saura), "La noche de Walpurgis" (Leon Klimovsky), "Las chicas de la Cruz Roja" (Rafael J. Salvia), "Bienvenido Mister Marshall" (Luis García Berlanga).

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