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June 2011

Student Short Film Contest



The Audiovisual Producers’ Rights Management Association, EGEDA, in collaboration with the American Cinemateque, is now receiving entries for the 3rd edition of the Student Short Film Contest in the USA. The films submitted will be shown at the following events: the Recent Spanish Cinema Series in Los Angeles and Recent Cinema from Spain in Miami. This tour will present the best of Spanish Cinema and provide new Spanish filmmakers with the opportunity to exhibit their work to the public in this section: the short film competition for Spanish students in the USA: New Filmmakers from Spain. This initiative is designed to provide exhibition spaces for up-and-coming young directors and producers who are studying at Universities or film schools in the USA.


The winning short film will be screened at the opening gala of the Recent Spanish Cinema series in Los Angeles, October 11 - 14 2012, and will be included in the program of Recent Cinema from Spain in Miami, held November 8 -11, 2012. Both film exhibitions are initially scheduled to be held at prestigious venues in each city, the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and the Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts in Miami.

The short film will be also featured on the printed programs, in events communications and on the websites of both events.

The director of the wining short will receive a distribution award from the FREAK Independent Film Agency, the sole sponsor of the competition, which consists of distribution of the short at 50 Spanish festivals. The award also includes a distribution strategy, registration of the winning short film at the festivals specified by the agency, the DVDs required for these entries and management of the selections, in addition to supplying projection copies. The winner undertakes to provide FREAK with the materials required. The winning short will be distributed in copies bearing the phrase "NEW FILMMAKERS FROM SPAIN 2012 Distribution Award" at the beginning and, to this end, the contest winner agrees to edit the copy for distribution to include this information. In the case that the short film winner has already distribution, the prize by FREAK would not be effective in the terms mentioned above.


DVD submission deadline: September 1, 2012

Download the entry form, registration terms and conditions here and in the facebook page of NEW FILMMAKERS FROM SPAIN. Join our community in Facebook to be connected and updated.

Please, spread out the information among your colleagues and friends that you think might be interested.


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