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April 2012



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The Stone (Arriya), The Perfect Stranger, Shall We Dance? (Bailas?), Matador on the Road, Matador on the Road

The Stone (Arriya)
Director: Alberto Gorritiberea - Spain | 2011 | 100 min
In a small Basque border town, two families have entered into a bet that spans generations. Their conflict, based on a competition to see whose horse or mule is better at pulling heavy rocks, is set in a cruel world of dirty tricks, doping, hatred, revenge, and envy.

The Perfect Stranger
Director: Toni Bestard - Spain / Ireland | 2011 | 92 min
Mark O’Reilly, a mysterious traveller, arrives in a small village in Majorca and discreetly settles in an old abandoned trade. The residents will soon become very excited believing that Mark plans to reopen the premises and that this will give life to the village.

Shall We Dance? (Bailas?)
Director: Daniel Azancot - Spain | 2011 | 16 min
Emma and Carlos are unable to get over their misunderstanding relationship, but even then, they meet to fix it. Their meeting will turn into a brutal misunderstanding that will make them reconsider their ridiculous situation and start from scratch.

Matador on the Road
Director: Alexis Morante - Spain | 2011 | 16 min
On the way to Las Vegas, a Cadillac runs over something in the middle of the desert, breaking the car. In the car is a Spanish Matador, who has to arrive to Las Vegas to play in a Bullfight.

Akerbeltz, The Witches and the Inquisitor
Director: César Urbina Vitoria - Spain | 2010 | 11 min
The gloomy dungeon of the Santo Oficio gaol in Logroño (Spain) is packed with prisoners accused of witchcraft. The sound of mystical chanting drifts out through the bars. It is a desperate cry for help that travels through valleys and mountains until it reaches the hamlet of Zugarramurdi. A young boy wakes up suddenly in the middle of the night...

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