XVII Recent Spanish cinema series

October 13-16

Once again, the 17th Los Angeles Recent Spanish Cinema series presented a selection of today’s most important Spanish films, a Seventh Art showcase well-attended by leading figures of the Spanish film industry, who have contributed significantly to putting “Made in Spain” productions at the vanguard of international cinema.

The 2011 film series took place October 13-16, 2011 and, like last year, it opened with the screening of the film which the Spanish Film Academy has selected as the Spanish nominee for the Best Foreign-Language Film category of the Oscar Awards, in this case for 2012. The film is “Pa Negre” (“Black Bread”), and along with it, the series included 6 of Spain’s best films from 2011: “Primos” (“Cousinhood”), “Héroes” (“Forever Young”), “Tres metros sobre el cielo” (“Three Steps Above Heaven”), “No tengas miedo” (“Don’t Be Afraid”), “Todo lo que tu quieras” (“Anything You Want”), “Cinco metros cuadrados” (“Five Square Meters”) and, in addition to those, “Entrelobos” (“Among Wolves”).

Persons involved in the making of some of the films were on-hand at this series, including Nora Navas, actress in “Pa Negre”, Isona Passola, producer of “Pa Negre”, Álvaro Cervantes, actor in “Tres metros sobre el cielo”, Achero Mañas, director of “Todo lo que tu quieras”, and Adrián Lastra, actor in “Primos”.


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