Premios PLATINO: Iberoamerican Cinema and Culture - together for a better world

May, 2019

The PLATINO Awards, committed to a better world, embrace the Objectives of the United Nations

Iberoamerican Cinema strengthens its ties to world affairs through the initiative: “17 Awards, 17 Objectives"

May 7th, 2019-
The Platino Awards undertake a committed initiative through the medium of film to raise the awareness of young people in Iberoamerica to the need to take care of and respect our planet. 

“Iberoamerican Cinema and Culture: together for a better world", will be the message that the Awards Ceremony will convey for this sixth edition. To do so, the awards will turn the spotlight on the seventeen objectives of the United Nations that seek to build a better world.  

Through the initiative: “17 Awards, 17 Objectives", each Platino statuette will embrace an urgent and universal objective, with a view to achieving a future that is more just, more peaceful and with a better quality of life for everyone living on this planet. 

The Awards, through their platform Platino Educates, have every confidence in Iberoamerican Cinema as an effective medium to teach fundamental values and inspire actions worldwide, such as the Seventeen Sustainable Development Objectives.

Iberoamerican Cinema helps dreams become reality, and is committed to those that are still unrealised. So, during the Awards Ceremony on 12 May, each award will open a window to a new challenge: “To achieve a better world, by all and for all.” 



The Platino Award for the Best Iberoamerican Fiction Début Film will applaud "employment opportunities" in support of the objective: "For quality employment and economic growth."

Platino Award for Best Documentary Feature Film will propose to “promote respect for all”, linked to the objective: “Forging alliances for a common goal”.

The Platino Award for Best Screenplay will refer to stories that “can educate us beyond the classroom”, in support of the objective: “For Education”.

The Platino Award for Best Cinematography will express the wish that “photographs of poverty will become a thing of the past”, in representation of the objective: “Let's make end poverty”.

The Platino Award for Best Sound Editing will express the need that “we will never have to hear again that hunger exists in the world”, in support of the objective: “Put an end to hunger”. 

The Platino Award for Best Animated Feature Film will celebrate innovation in the motion picture industry in the field of animation, in representation of the objective: “For innovation in industry”. 

The Platino Award for Best Art Direction will remind us all of the care we must take of “the work of art” that is our underwater and terrestrial ecosystem.

The Platino Award for Best Editing will support the objectives: “For cleaner water and non-polluting energy”.

The Platino Award for Best Original Score will celebrate the origin and beauty of music produced by nature, linked to the objectives: "For responsible proecution and consumption and for climate action".

The Platino Award for Film and Education Values will state its commitment to “human values”, linked to the objective: “Reduce inequality”.

The Platino Awards for Best Actor and Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV series will support the objective: “Gender equality”.

The Platino Award for Best TV Series or Miniseries will express the importance of meeting basic needs to be able to enjoy well-being, in support of the objective: “Good Health and Well-being”.

The Platino Award for Best Director will advocate the need to have a certain degree of independence “to create with freedom”, in support of the objective: “Sustainable communities and cities”.

The Platino Awards for Best Actor and Best Actress will express their aspiration that “justice and peace” always work together, in support of the objective: “Peace and justice for all”.

The Platino Award for Best Iberoamerican Feature Film will remind us that “a better world must not be a fiction”, and will call upon all of Iberoamerica to “embrace together” this initiative to make “a dream become reality”, in support of the final message: “United towards a better world”.



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